Monday, July 31, 2006

The Quest for Stephanie Brown (former Robin) ... 1

I've numbered this post "1" since it'll be the first on Stephanie Brown, a.k.a. (former) "Robin" and a.k.a murdered "Spoiler" character in the DC Comics' Batman family of comics books ...

I'm pulling Stephanie out of the "Mainstream Comics Lose Their Art" set of posts because I plan to use those to further discuss mainstream comics and the art of editing and managing imprints in an age-appropriate manner and that sort of thing. (Yes. Clearly I am a comic book GEEK.)

This is how out of the mainstream DC/Marvel comics loop I've been after I tore up Identity Crisis #2 in disgust and stopped buying DCs (I didn't count Dave Gibbon's The Originals from Vertigo, since that isn't DC's "All- Ages/mainstream" imprint) ...

... as I was finding out about Stephanie I further found out:

1) Captain America's sidekick Bucky has come back. (for all you non-comics folks, this is HUGE! I'll have to explain more fully later.)

2) While Matt Murdock has been in jail, IRONFIST has been filling in as Daredevil!

3) Jason Todd, former Robin who was BLOWN UP (!!) and killed by the Joker way back in A Lonely Place of Dying, is BACK! (How how HOW could Jason possibly pull THIS OFF?? ... grumble ... now I have to get this one out of the box just to defend why this is SO. INCREDIBLY. LAME.

If the writer pulled this off in a non-stupid way, I'd be impressed. And if I am impressed, I'll say so, I'll be fair. But if I'm not...!)

4) Spider-Woman -- the REAL Spider-Woman -- will be back ...

(Reads kinda like soap opera highlights, huh?)

3 out of the 4 of these sound cool enough that they might be fun. (And SOMETHING REALLY needs to be fun in the middle of the Stephanie comics mess.)


M. C. Pearson said...

You crack me up, Erica!

Yeah, the Robin thing does sound lame. Let me know how the writer/artist pulls it off. LOL

Erica Well said...

Honestly I'm now afraid to find out. It's by a writer I have to admit I'm not very fond of, because he tends to repeat himself thematically on EVERY. SINGLE. STORYLINE. he touches ... it was cool the first time, but by the third and fourth you start to wonder ...

arielladrake said...

Erica - I believe the explanation of Jason Todd's return is basically that Superboy punched the timestream.

No, I'm serious.

Erica Well said...

It took me this long to respond because when I read that I
1) FELL out of my chair laughing
2) I really thought they couldn't have done somthing THAT stupid.
3) Then I remembered who was writing that storyline (Why does he sound so reasonable in interviews and yet write so lamely?)

I wish I could think of something clever to say.

I guess Superboy punching the timestream might actually be cool if he wasn't first a murderous FREAK...