Monday, July 17, 2006

Katy Keene and Archie Comics

It looks like Archie Comics is trying to figure out whether there's enough interest amongst readers to bring back Katy Keene in her own comic book ...

Remember the good old days (mine were the 70s) when you were a kid and you used to read those old comics and there'd be a page or two per issue of one of your favorite characters wearing outfits designed by readers and the reader's name and city/state would appear next to their design?!!

I used to love that.

Archie Comics asking for new clothes designs for Katy Keene to wear in future issues (whether she appears in Archie and Friends or in her own title if there is enough demand). You can send copies of your sketches via snail mail or via their website.

(You know you wanna design some clothes for her!)

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